Friends of the Orchestra

What do you get out of joining the Friends of the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra?

The Friends of the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra is not an assembly of music experts but a loosely organized society of people interested in classical music in one way or another. Some are indeed genuine connoisseurs, including dyed-in-the-wool „fans“ of the orchestra. But most of the people who join are individuals likely to qualify for inclusion in one of those categories at a later stage.

The pleasurable side

As a member of the Friends of the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra you have the opportunity of getting to know people with tastes similar to your own. You will meet them regularly at concerts, festivals, and special events organized by the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra - or at one of our private concerts, an excellent setting for personal encounters and the exchange of ideas. The fact that many lasting friendships have developed in this way is more than just a rumor.

The more serious side

The Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra is one of the very few privately organized freelance orchestras in Germany. This freedom has a number of assets, notably in the realization of our artistic ambitions. But it also entails particular „hardships.“ The orchestra receives little or no support from public resources. Accordingly, it has to ensure the funding of its various activities itself, for example via concert tours, the sale of tickets and CDs, sponsoring, advertising - and of course private donations.

In the meantime, this last-mentioned source of support has become an indispensable foundation for our work. As a member of the Friends of the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra you can make a valuable contribution. In addition, membership assures you a number of personal advantages.