The musicians

The musicians of the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra

The musicians of the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra come from all over Germany, various other European countries, and all the other continents of the world: Asia, Africa, America, Australia. Africa is represented by an Egyptian musician, Asia by members from South Korea, China, and Japan, plus a number of states formerly part of CIS.

As freelance musicians the members of the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra have a whole range of different backgrounds. Many of them play in other major ensembles, notably those dedicated to early music, others are soloists in their own right or belong to chamber music formations. Some pass on their skills to younger generations as teachers. Many of the musicians have been successful in international competitions.

Most of them have already gleaned experience with „authentic“ performance styles in other ensembles, while some are conversant not only with the modern versions of their instruments but also with their historical predecessors. The brass and timpani players of the orchestra are in fact specialists in this field as in the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra the brass and timpani parts are invariably entrusted to original instruments. Among the string players so many are familiar with the style of playing required by historical instruments that the LA PASSIONE baroque ensemble can be fully manned by players from the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra.

Alongside their duties as musicians, some of the long-standing members also fulfill other functions in the orchestra as the Heidelberg Symphony does almost all its management and administration work itself. Some of the most important mainstays of the ensemble were members of the Schlierbach Chamber Orchestra, the formation from which the present-day Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra evolved. They include

  • Benjamin Spillner, Kamila Namyslowska (concert masters)
  • Ariane Volm (first desk of the 2nd violins, recruiting office; member since 1993)
  • Michael Neuhaus (first double-bass, financial affairs office and in charge of the Friends of the Orchestra; member since 1989)
  • Jutta Neuhaus (first cello, member since 1985)
  • Martin Vogel (first clarinet, member since 1994)
  • Thorsten Hagedorn (first horn)
  • Michael Maisch (first trumpet, member since 1996)
  • Peter Hartmann (first timpanist)