Joining the Friends of Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra

Request written information here. It will be sent to you free of charge and without any obligation. You can become a member of the Friends of Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra by filling out the application form and sending it back to us.

How it works

After declaring your intention to join, you transfer your annual donation to the bank account indicated by the 1st of the subsequent month at the latest. Joining the Friends of the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra does not make you the member of a society. Accordingly, the money you send us is not a membership fee but a minimum annual donation. This minimum donation is 150 euros for individuals, 250 euros for (married) couples, and 500 euros for companies. You are of course welcome to donate higher amounts.

From then on, your annual donation is due on the 1st of the month in which you joined, unless you terminate your membership in writing at least three months before this date. If you have given us direct debit authorization for your annual donations, this too can of course be countermanded in writing at three months’ notice.

Your donations as a member of the Friends benefit the registered society „Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra and Schlierbach Chamber Orchestra.“ As this society is officially recognized as a non-profit association, your donations are tax-deductible in full. Receipts for your donations will be sent to you automatically.

Please address any inquiries you may have to Michael Neuhaus, phone +49 6222-383105, Fax +49 6222-1231.